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Take care of your polar fleece

Polar fleece is a fairly hard-wearing and low maintenance fabric. Most products made with polar fleece can be machine washed and dried but not dry cleaned, as the cleaning solvents disrupt the chemical makeup of polar fleece and will damage it. Following the care instructions on your garment’s label is always a safe bet but there are other steps you can take to not only clean your polar fleece but keep it looking new and feeling soft longer.


Unisex Clothing

The term “unisex” as applied to dress was coined in the late sixties to denote clothing suitable or designed specifically for both males and females. Prior to this, fashion most traditionally contextualized stood for the clear demarcation of the sexes through the reaffirmation of gender identity.


Security Guard Uniforms

The uniform is a very important part of being a security guard. It sets us apart from the general populace as an individual in a position of authority. It certainly has aesthetic advantages, but the real benefit of the uniform goes way beyond just the outward appearance.


The history of camo clothing

Camouflage was introduced in the U.S. Military during World War I, with trench and aerial warfare. The U.S. Army started to develop concepts of hiding military vehicles and equipment with camouflage that blended into their surroundings. It wasn’t until World War II where soldiers began wearing camouflage uniforms.


What does it take to be a Demi Chef ?

Skills Required

Demi chefs need to possess certain skills to be successful, some of those being transferable skills, but some being specific to the trade. They must be patient and calm under the stress of hot and cramped cooking quarters. Executive chefs depend on their demi chefs to be efficient and consistent. They are required to finish their work on time, without sacrificing quality. Demi chefs must also be creative; they need to be ready to improvise when ingredients and resources aren’t available.


The virtues of a tablecloth

The tablecloth is a decorative accessory that unifies the components of the table setting.
A practical accouterments that insulates the table and lowers the noise level in the room.
And, Tablecloths provide more elbow room than place mats, and conserve space at a crowded table.


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