Take care of your polar fleece

Take care of your polar fleece Polar fleece is a fairly hard-wearing and low maintenance fabric. Most products made with polar fleece can be machine washed and dried but not dry cleaned, as the cleaning solvents disrupt the chemical makeup of polar fleece and will damage it. Following the care instructions on your garment’s label is always a safe bet but there are other steps you can take to not only clean your polar fleece but keep it looking new and feeling soft longer. Preparation for Washing Your goal here is to minimize the abrasion of the fabric during washing to prevent the pilling and matting that changes not only the appearance but also the soft feel of polar fleece. Start by closing all fasteners and hardware such as zippers, toggles, snaps and hooks on the garment. Then turn it inside out, which will also help to reduce pilling and smashing of fibres. Wash and Dry Cycles Select gentle wash and rinse cycles with warm water using a small amount of mild detergent. Hand washing in the sink will always produce a gentler wash with less abrasion, but if you don’t have the time, machine washing on gentle will work nearly as well to lessen the stress on the fabric fibres. You can hang or lay your fleece out flat to dry naturally on a clean dry towel. If you do not have the time, the dryer on a medium to low heat setting will dry your polar fleece relatively quickly.