Masithandane is a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation located in the Eden district in Sedgefield.  They have been operating for 15 years, working with the public and private sector of local businesses to serve those in need.

Their motto is to put Mother Theresa’s words into action; “lets do something beautiful for God”.  This they do by servingthose living in the local communities that are infected/affected by HIV/AIDS and TB as well as widows, orphans and thedestitute. Support can be offered by donating to them directly; All contributions will be gratefully received and much appreciated and we thank you for providing us with the opportunity to be of service.

Annual Donation of R20 000,00

 ownership with the villages and communities in the Mbashe area. Through a two-way approach, 

local communities can increase their stake-holder interest to achieve a level of self-sustainability, through partnerships 

between the Donald Woods Foundation and residents, communities and public bodies in the area.

Programmes and projects include:

•    Educational materials

•    Teacher Training

•    Complementary Education

•    Education Development

•    HIV~Aids

•    Orphans and Vulnerable Children

•    Home-based Care

•    Safety & Security in the Community

•    Adult Education

•    Food Gardens 

•    Enterprise Initiatives

•    Masakane Project

•    Community Sport Initiatives

•    Heritage

Co-sponsored an underprivileged student at the Eden School of Culinary Art.

Ruigtevlei Primary School

Donated polar fleece beanies and scarves for all the kids, table tennis table with all the accessories as well as 400 pairs of school socks.

•    No fees school

•    Parents are mostly farm labourers


We donated a pair of school shoes to every pupil at the Ruigtevlei Primary School in the Western Cape.  These kids live in the community with their parents who work on the farms nearby.