Security Guard Uniforms

Security Guard Uniforms The uniform is a very important part of being a security guard. It sets us apart from the general populace as an individual in a position of authority. It certainly has aesthetic advantages, but the real benefit of the uniform goes way beyond just the outward appearance. Benefits of the security guard uniform
  1. Provides instant recognisability
In an emergency situation, you don’t want to have to look around to determine the right person to go to. If there’s a uniformed guard on hand, the decision is made for you, and you instantly recognize the person to alert.
  1. Peace of mind for employees and customers
When security guards are on hand, employees and customers are aware of the fact and reassured by their presence. The sight of a well presented officer is calming, and provides reassurance.
  1. Greater deterrence of crimes
When a would-be criminal sees an officer in uniform on location, this provides a strong deterrent for crime or criminal activities. An officer in plainclothes would not provide the same warning, and even if they were aware of the security guards presence, they would not have the same authoritative air and would therefore be less of a deterrent.
  1. Creates a sense of pride and belonging for the guard
When a guard puts on the uniform, they’re able to feel a sense of pride in their own presentation, and also in their affiliation with a company that has an established and strong reputation. Many guards, are proud to be a part of the organization, and wear their uniform with pride. It identifies them as part of a team of experienced professionals.