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Virtue of the Tablecloth

The virtues of a tablecloth

The tablecloth is a decorative accessory that unifies the components of the table setting. A practical accouterments that insulates the table and lowers the noise level in the room. And, Tablecloths provide more elbow room than place mats, and conserve space at a crowded table. Visual weight relates to the proportions of the room. In a large room, to keep the table setting from looking lost, a tablecloth woven with big, compactly arranged patterns conveys visual weight. In a small room, lightness is suggested by a tablecloth woven with an airy pattern. Color is a design tool that changes the mood of the table setting without changing the tableware. Table linens are essential for setting the right tone to your event and they can really transform a space. Fine linens are characterized by a combination of beautiful materials, expert construction, fine workmanship, and design. Most fine linens are made from linen or cotton because they are durable, absorbent, and soft. Because they are strong and absorbent, we recommend cotton and linen. While they do require ironing, they are long-lasting and have the most luxurious feel and appearance. Formal Dining The colors of formal dining are white, ivory, and ecru (although pastel tablecloths sometimes appear on formal tables). But the ground colour of the dinnerware and the tablecloth are not always the same. When one is ivory and the other is pure white, use them together, but for continuity match the colour of the napkins to the tablecloth. Informal Dining The colors of informal dining are all shades, from bright to deep to contrasting, from metallic to pastel to white. The texture of the tablecloth should relate to the finish of the tableware and also to the dining occasion.

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